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Against my better judgment, I had Andrea make me a costume for the upcoming birthday celebration.

I'll be attending as a... Goblin King.

Well, I can think of worse, I suupose. At least it's sword accessible. But the hair is atrocious, and by God, the leggings leave nothing to the imagination. She sewed them after a night in the unoccupied guest suite, so I suppose I'm partly to blame...

Perhaps I'll practice my juggling to help keep the children at the party pacified. Though this costume... really makes me dread this, now.

Aside from that, the manor has been peaceful. I was quite delighted to hear of Ana's new sibling. I think I'll pretend the party is being held in celebration of that.

Lord Aurelius has finally reached the level of pest in my book, just below that boy who keeps showing up around here. Robbers! Now, really. He could've at least sent a challenge aside from getting the stains from the main hall's carpet. Once he advances to the level of threat, however, I would suggest that he bars his windows at night. Lord knows his inflated sense of security keeps him from doing it, now.

Well, I suppose Andrea was right in saying a journal was a good way to bereave oneself of unwanted feelings. I've noticed the same in Lady Anastasia's private diary.

Speaking of Andrea, I must inspect the brooms before dinner.